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You might be a Texan if…..



We moved to Texas from Mississippi almost 6 years ago. I had never heard of homecoming mums until last year when my kids came home from the homecoming game asking why they didn’t have one. Well, now I know. Traditionally, the boys buy mums for their date and the girls buy garters, a smaller version of the mum worn on the arm, for their date. Younger kids (like mine) like to wear them, also. Each mum/garter is personalized with school colors, mascots, and charms that symbolize their activities (cheerleading, football, etc). I still don’t really understand it, but when in Rome….and if glitter and ribbon are involved, I’m probably going to enjoy it! Lots of glitter, bling, and ribbon are definitely needed! Shopping spree at the craft store, woohoo!

Kind of looks like the 80’s threw up on my table, doesn’t it!?!

Now if you think this is a lot of stuff, you’d be right, but you should see some of the floor length mums on Pinterest (seriously, go check it out)! Usually bigger is better, but my girls are still in Elementary, so I am making mini mums for them and my niece. My friend needed a garter, which is what the boys wear, so I offered my glue gun services to her. Next thing I know, I have a small business going at my kitchen table! I have to say, it’s right up my alley, too. I may not understand this Texas tradition, but I like it!


If you live in Texas or want to start a new tradition with homecoming mums, I recommend visiting this blog, www.bitofbyrd.com. She does an excellent job of explaining the mum-making process. Happy football season, everyone!